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I guess when you see me you think “what a beautiful sweet kitten, I would love to cuddle her”.


Yes, I’m gorgeous, I know it. But that can’t be the reason for adopting me.

Yes, I have to admit, I have some points you need to work on.  I didn’t have a very good start in life. That all changed when I
came into a warm lovable foster home. I found other kittens to play with.

Yes, I love playing. I can’t get enough of it. I play with the other kittens and with toys.


So with social cats I’m fine and humans who want only to play with me are also fine.  Dogs that are used to cats, they will be my friends. 

Humans are more difficult for me to trust. I do come close to you, I follow you everywhere and when you have something to eat I’m there. But please, don’t try to touch me. I need time, time to trust
you, time to get my trust in humans back. That also means that you can’t let me outside as long as I don’t trust you.


For me it is best to find a home without small children, I still play with my paws and nails so children from 12+ will be fine. I would love to have a very social and playful cat friend so we can run around together.

My past is still bothering me, so when I’m ready to move out I’m spayed, I have a ID chip and I’m vaccinated.

I’m looking for a special home, with special people that will love me for who I am. Not for my looks.


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