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How we caught Fisk

One day, Elin called me: " April, we gotta rescue a dog, somewhere in Oslo!", Me, and my impulsive behaviour answered: " Sure, I'm on it. Husband works for an airline company, so I can fly almost for free." "By the way, what's the name of the dog?", I asked Elin. " Oh, it's Fisk," she answered...and I'm like, " who the f#ck calls a dog, Fisk ( like fish) ???!!!" Both gotten quiet, both perplexed. Whatever. Anyhooooo, I took a late flight to Gardemoen to pick up "the" Fisk.

As I walked towards the arrival terminal, I was looking for a one grown-up human and two not so grown up ones. I have been told that Fisk will be handed to me by Elin's relatives who was looking after Fisk, while I'm making my moves to pick him up. "Oh, there they are!", I said ( quietly). There, I saw this girl, holding a small, black, mop-like creature, with two round bright eyes that looks so innocent, yet powerful and determined. "Determined...what?", I was talking quietly to myself." I don't know, like..determined to jump on my arms, because he smell the hotdog and burrito in my bag." He seemed quiet and just cuddled and rested in the arms of the girl. " hmmm, i think this family took care of him well. The little creature seemed so laid back...hmmm. I likey." my thoughts continued.

The girl with her teary eyes, handed Fisk to me. I'm sure she didn't want to let him go. I could see that Fisk loves the family. The little cuddly mop leaped to my arms without hesitation. Don't get me wrong, I love all dogs, but I never really owned a small, or any miniature dogs for that matter, not that i don't like them. It is just because our path haven't crossed, like reeeeally haven't crossed, until the day I met, Fisk. It was "love -at- first- sight" clichè. He was indeed cuddly. He has this black and soft curly fur. When he curled, he looked like a fur ball. Unlike my German Shepherd, Fisk is extremely light. " Ok, definitely feels like less than a ten-kilo dog, so this shouldn't be a problem to fit him inside my hand- carry, doggie cage." I said to myself.

While waiting for the boarding time, me and Fisk just walking around the terminal, him on leashed. As we both gotten bored, ( heck, 3 freakin hours of waiting man...), we found a corner, sat, and looked for the food in my bag. " Yay!! hotdog!", he didn't say that, but he gave me the look, (so I might as well write it). I started eating, he kept on staring. "Hey boy, its "ME" first", I told him, as I took the first bite. The furry ball kept on staring at the hotdog. He didn't budge. It was thirty minutes before boarding time. The super cute mutt, ( he is a French bulldog/ poodle mix) and I, must organised the cage set-up. " Ok, i think i will take advantage of the fact that Fisk wants my hotdog and use hotdog as pawn, so Fisk will be lured to enter his cage!" I was literally talking to myself out loud. Remember...bored? First, I gave him water and he drank. I asked him if he wanted to pee or poo, but he said, no( the face said so, and i took it as a "no"). Then, I put a small chunk of hotdog inside the cage( its not really a hard metallic cage, its more like a back pack with zipper and net for ventilation). "Cmon Fisk, get on it...have some hotdog, boy. I know you want it." I was talking and gesturing him to: "in order for you to get the hotdog, you must get in the bag first."

Fisk don't wanna get in the bag. Now its boarding time, and whatever trick I did, the little mop didn't fall for it. Clever mutt. I was starting to panic, so I called Elin: " Hello, he just wouldn't get in the bag, no matter what I do." Elin was like..." just use your hands and literally shove him inside the bag." I was like..." against his will?" " ...kind of but with care of course." Elin advised. He finished 90% of my hotdog and 100% of my burrito, dozen of attempts to get Fisk in the bag, but nothing worked. The cutest creature that I've ever met was no longer looking " so cute". He was moaning and panting hard. He started to bark at me. We were arguing like a kid with his mother. I started to get worried: " What if he wouldn't get in there? What if I couldn't make him do it? Freakin April! You weak bitch! Do something!!" I was screaming in my head. The airport attendant was calling for last boarding. Fisk and I were the last creatures to board. " Excuse me miss, can I just hold my dog in my lap, because he's too scared to get in his bag?" I asked. "I'm sorry, but I won't be able to let you guys on board, if you cannot put your dog in the bag." the lady said. " Oh f#ck!!! oh f#ck!! Fisk cmon, you gotta do this for me: GET IN THE BAG!!!" Out of panic that we gonna missed our flight, I talked to Fisk with force and determination, and shove him in the bag. I felt bad for forcing him, but also felt relieved that we made it to our flight.

We made it home. Elin met us at Sola Airport. There, the little Fisk was so happy to walk around again. He really hated that small doggie bag(I'm so sorry Fisk, but we had to do it). Fisk stayed with us for couple of weeks. He did few behaviour training lessons and met couple of people for adoption, and then one day, he met his Daddy and a forever home: a boat! Yes, Fisk lives on a boat, cruising and sailing like a real free-spirited boy!

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