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The Trifecta on my mind

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

At first glance, they appear to look so the same. At least, that's what I thought, the first time I met them. Haha! Then I realized that our Saint Bernards are far more complex than they look. They are witty and cunning, and I called them Trifecta: Matilda, Molly and Oliver. Most of the time, you just wanna hug them, because you get so carried away, as if they are stuffed toys. Let's take Matilda for example. Elin rescued her all the way from Kirkenes from last year's winter. It was some hours of driving in those treacherous mountain roads, that leads Elin to her. Although the effort was worth it, and up to these days, Matilda is very happy being with her. Sometimes she gets a little bit quirky, specially with food. She guards it steadily like the Queen's Guard of Buckingham Palace! When Molly is around her, she makes sure that Molly doesn't get too close to her lamb heart and liver treats! Yep, we sometimes get together and cook dog treats and dishes for our precious ones. Those goodies are not only all- natural, but also packed with tons of vitamins and minerals. So, its kinda good supplemental snacks for our dogs. And they love it! Oliver is somewhat more mellow than Matilda. He's a bit skeptical in making friends, but once he accepted you, then there's no way out. He is too sweet, he melts my heart! I'm smitten! I remember, the first time I arrived at 2saveme, Elin warned me to not to touch him. He was barking at me. He was sounding unfriendly. But there's something about his aloofness that intrigues me. Call me silly, but sometimes, I do like it when a dog plays hard to get. Challenge is ON! Haha So, I told myself that one day I will be playing, wrestling and cuddling with Oliver. Indeed, dreams come true. These days, I can enter a living room where he's in: " Oh hello there, Oliver!", and when he hears my voice, he comes and greet me, with all waggly tail, tongue's out, and drools all over! He's so jolly to rock your world! He's really an amazing boy, once you get know him well.

Molly, is the third Saint Bernard that I somehow grow fond of. She's super laid back and calm. Some days, when Im so lazy or tired to walk dogs, I would prefer to have Molly with me, because then, we can walk in the same tempo. Haha! We stroll the streets of Ganddal in slow mo, as if we own the entire streets, all care-free and relaxed. I remember when she arrived at our door steps, she was a very voluptuous furry lady! But when it comes to our Saint Bernards, its imperative that they are on their target weight. Not so fat or so thin, just normal enough to have good health and mobility. We all want our pets to live long, disease-free and pain-free. So Molly started on her diet and exercises. Couple of months later, our happy Molly gained more energy and just her total well-being simply improved.

We love all our dogs that we rescued. It's impossible not to get too personal with them. I'm attached with all of them, because I don't just see them as "animals". They are family members and friends. The same goes to our cats, which brought me to the thought, that sometimes, I would like to write some stories of their feline adventures as well! Matilda, Molly and Oliver, are not only some four-legged creatures that bark. To me, they are precious beings that reached the lives of some lucky humans. And I am one of those humans who are lucky enough to meet them! I will always cherish the memorable moments I have with these dogs.

( N.B. From top to bottom: Molly, Oliver and Matilda)

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