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Support the organisation 

Would you like to support animals in need?


2 Save Me lifesaving work is only possible because of the support we are getting from members like you.​

We would love to invite you to become a member of our organisation. Read more on our Membership page

Scroll the page down to see how you can support 2 Save Me.

Thank you for helping save animal lives!

You can support us with money transfer to bank account:

Account number: 



2 Save Me
Årsvollveien 214, Sandnes

By making a donation, you directly help us:

  • Rescue dogs that are neglected or abused

  • Rehoming a dog in need for a loving home

  • Rescue unwanted cat’s and kittens that was supposed to be euthanasia

  • Raise awareness

  • Transform animal welfare by providing that our No Kill model works

We greatly appreciate every Vipps send to number 548 331

Vipps number 2 Save Me organisasion
PayPal button
PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Your sustaining donation will help us plan ahead to provide a secure future for every animal who comes to us in need.

You can be assured that your support is going directly to helping the animals in need.

Click on the Donate button to the left, to do quick donation via your PayPal account or by providing card details.

In collaboration with Explendo we can offer useful products needed in every home, which are sold through 2 Save Me online store.

You can sell them further, give them as gifts to family and friends or buy them for yourself.
Half of the sales go back to 2 Save Me Organisation.

You can access our online store at

Dogs of 2 Save Me
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