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Building No Kill Community

what every community should look like.

2 Save Me is a charity organisation, helping neglected and abused pets, where every pet is treated as an individual and guaranteed life, no matter where they come from and what they need.

Our vision is to provide animal rescue service and improve animals welfare by raising the standard of both, how animals are treated and how they are valued.

We want to help animals which are vulnerable, abused and unwanted by spreading information and various measures, to contribute to a society that safeguards animals welfare.

We want to change the "use and throw away" mentality. We give hope to those pets that should have been killed and we prevent violence against animals. 

Our goal in this non-profit organisation is compassion for both human and animals.

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Rehoming A Dog

No dog owner wants to be in the difficult situation of having to rehome a dog. Your dog means the world to you, and there is nothing you would want more than to keep your dog for life. But life can be very uncooperative. The best laid plans for dog ownership can be interrupted by illness, financial difficulties, increased job demands requiring travel, a move, landlord restrictions, allergies, disability, pregnancy and raising young children and a myriad of other situations. Rehoming your dog can be necessary, and this very emotional choice carries with it a lot of responsibility for finding a good home for your dog.

Want to learn more about how to rehome a dog give us a call +47 902 73 201 or Contact Us By E-mail.

Adopt a pet

Volunteers are the lifeblood to our organisation.

Because shelter and rescue pets are amazing!

There are manu wonderful reasons to become a foster parent to a pet

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Årsvollveien 214, 4312 Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway  |  Tel: 902 73 201

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