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I miss you 😢

You where my first rescue dog that I started to fight for. Little did I know it would be an uphill battle.

When I first saw you, you where not groomed or taken care off. Your fur and nails was long and matted. Sick and with no energy you still capture my heart.

I rescue you after a surgery and your owner did not want you. Little did we know that this healing process would take 8 months. It was not an easy ride. After the wound heeled it was time to build muscle and confidence in you. I was able to build your trust by swimming.

Thanks to Swim and Trim 4 dogs that let us use their place and make you a strong dog again. Those times where the best. It took a year to bring on some muscles on you. Then we had to start working on your social skills as well as getting you trained. That would not be so easy.

You and Oscar hit it up right away. He misses his buddy but at the last end you pulled away from your packed.

I know your past and child hood was not the best and little did I know you did not trust humans. We went to 4 dog trainers and no one wanted to help us. Until we spoke to Eric at Sola Hundesenter as we had hope for you. You first hour you trick him but you got to spend 2 years in the kindergarten and became more social thanks to Eric.

Then came Elton John and suddenly you where 3 buddies. You and Elton John had the best connection. You protected him from Oscar when he tried to bully Elton.

You never liked arguing as I had to learn to breath with my stomach to connect with you and then get you calm again. For 3 years I watch tv on my phone or went to another room so you should not be reminded of fighting. Human fighting just bad memories and nothing good. So I did my best to erase the bad memories for you.

Years went by and you finally trusted me but other humans was so scary for you. I had to give you comfort and make sure you always felt loved and secured. Even though you weigh was 85 kg. 😂

Last winter you had to come with me as no one would babysit. You came along on the road trip to rescue Matilde in Alta. You and Sofus was by my side for 66 hours. You kept us warm in the middle of night with22 degrees below zero. You welcome Matilde with open arms even though she had an attitude. She took your bed and you let her boss you around. You barked at the police escorts when they help us up the hill to Alta. I was so scared they would pull us over but instead they help us.

You never liked trucks so every truck we drove by you barker as loud as you could. I even bought earplugs to have in my car. 😂

You are the logo of 2 Save me. Your paw represent what’s worth fighting for. I miss you so much and no one will understand how much you mean to me. To all the animals we rescue you broke my heart when you left me this week. You will never be forgotten and I will always remember you.

My love Oliver 💔🐾 Rest in peace

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